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Hollywood Will Stomach Joe And Mika Over Steve Bannon

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Here’s a mind-bender. You have the opportunity to interview Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski in a dramatic on-stage interview for a fancy three-day festival or President Trump‘s former chief strategist and American villain Steve Bannon.

Who do you choose?

Because of Hollywood and staff backlash, The New Yorker dumped Bannon with his bloodshot eyes and double long-sleeved shirts and are instead bringing the engaged morning TV couple to headline the festival Friday night in a nauseatingly-named event called “Evening Joe.” The New Yorker‘s longtime Editor David Remnick will conduct the interview. Sadly they haven’t invited Joe and Mika’s TV son, Willie Geist, to tag along.

Remnick is interviewing only one other person the entire weekend — author Zadie Smith, a magazine contributor whose latest novel is Feeling Free.

Hollywood producer Judd Apatow and actor Jim Carrey, among others, threatened to drop out of the festival if Remnick stuck with Bannon. Remnick promised it would be a tough “even combative” interview. Isn’t that incredible that a journalist would promise to conduct a tough interview? No matter. He lost. They won. Bannon was flushed down the toilet.

According to the NYT, Bannon called the dis “gutless.”

He’s right.

Instead, guests will endure the fluffy banter of Joe and Mika, which we’ve all seen countless times. Try every weekday morning. Does anyone think Remnick will make these two uncomfortable for even one moment? There is no doubt that the interview with Joe and Mika will be an easy one with Mika talking about her “Know Your Value” campaign — despite the interview’s name, “Evening Joe” — and Joe carrying on about his music, his time in Congress or how mentally unfit Trump is. Bannon, who whispers in lots of Washington journalists’ ears, is not something you get everyday.

Bannon is obviously the more interesting pick.

So on Friday, Oct. 5, Joe and Mika will engage in an edition of “Evening Joe” moderated by Remnick for 90 minutes of “caffeinated” conversation.