Clinton Believes Putin Was Out To Get Her

Mike Brest Reporter

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted her out of the way so he could continue to meddle in the United States in an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Tuesday night.


“What I’m really interested in now is how we untangle this story, because the Russians are still interfering with our democracy. It’s not as though they said, ‘whew, Hillary Clinton is gone, oh, she is not going to be president, we’re all going home.’ No. They are trying to influence how we look at one another, how we treat each other. They’re certainly, as Trump’s own intelligence officials have stated, in our election systems.”

“I think I was an obstacle to their plans to undermine and disrupt our democracy. I think I was an obstacle to their efforts to try to impose greater authoritarian control in Russia, go after people who were opponents of Putin’s, whether they were in the LGBTQ community or in the press, and I think that they wanted to get me out of the way. And the question I think is worth asking: why did they want to get me out of the way? What is it they are trying to accomplish now?”

Clinton went on to bash the Republicans for their handling of the allegations surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. (RELATED: Hillary Clinton Supports Investigation Into Kavanaugh Accusation)

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