Cuomo Cuts Off Moore After He Suggests Kavanaugh Attacked More Than One Woman

Mike Brest Reporter
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CNN’s Chris Cuomo pushed back Tuesday on filmmaker Michael Moore for suggesting that there could be more women who were assaulted by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that haven’t come forward.


“This individual from that time when he was first a near adult, within months of being an adult, behaved in this manner. And what does this tell us?” Moore began. “And I think you know as a journalist that if this is, in fact, what happened, she probably wasn’t the only one. And someone else out there tonight is watching the show.”

“Well, look, you know very well that we can’t go there. We don’t know. Is there —,” Cuomo responded before Moore cut him off.

Moore continued, “No, but you know enough to know that a man —.”

“Does criminology tell us someone who does it once, does it multiple times? Yes. Could that be part of the concern, that people are digging? Yes, it could be part of their concern,” Cuomo conceded.

Moore is an avid anti-Trumper. Last week, while promoting his new movie “Fahrenheit 11/9,” he stood by a claim made in said movie calling Trump “the last president of the United States.” (RELATED: Michael Moore: ‘It’s Possible’ Trump Is The Last U.S. President Ever)

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