This Dad Attempting A Viral Dance At The Cubs Game May Be My Biggest Hero

(YouTube Screenshot: MLB)

Jena Greene Reporter

A Chicago Cubs fan broke out into a Tony-Award-worthy dance in the stands this week, and I think I may have found my next hero.

It all took place on Tuesday during the Cubs-Diamondbacks matchup. During a live television shot of the crowd, the unnamed man started performing the viral “floss dance,” much to the chagrin of his mortified teenage daughter. (RELATED: EGYPT IS PREPARED TO JAIL PEOPLE IF THEY DO THIS VIRAL DANCE [VIDEO])

Here’s the full shot:

Let me just go on the record and say this man is a national hero. Not only was he the main entertainment at this game, but he definitely bumped up the MLB’s street cred by a few points, too. What’s better than a moderately overweight dad doing everything he can to embarrass his daughter? Remember how I said Joe Jurevicius deserved to have a coin made in his honor? I think we found the guy to be on the other side of it. (RELATED: FORMER SUPER BOWL CHAMP ROBBED AT GUNPOINT — WHAT HE HAD TO SAY AFTER WILL MAKE YOU CRY TEARS OF RED, WHITE AND BLUE)

Any guy who attempts a viral dance and does it horribly is cool in my eyes. I hope to see a lot more of this guy in the future.

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