Justin Bieber Reveals Whether He’s Getting A Prenup. Is He Making The Dumbest Decision Of His Life?

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Jena Greene Reporter

Justin Bieber will reportedly not be getting a prenup ahead of his wedding to model Hailey Baldwin.

The Canadian singer, 24, apparently believes he will be married to Baldwin, 21, forever and has chosen not to get a prenuptial agreement due to his religious beliefs. (RELATED: HERE’S HOW STEPHEN BALDWIN REACTED TO HIS DAUGHTER’S ENGAGEMENT TO JUSTIN BIEBER)

“He refuses to get a prenup,” a source close to Bieber told the UK Daily Mail. “He’s deeply religious and believes that marriage is for life and divorce isn’t an option.”

In case you’re curious, let me a throw a few numbers at you.

Justin Bieber, one of the best selling artists in history, the guy who’s won a Grammy and been nominated ten times, is worth $265 million. Hailey Baldwin, his soon-to-be wife, is estimated to be worth around $5 million.


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I’m not a mathematician or a divorce attorney but I’m gonna go ahead and say … this is a dumb, dumb, dumb decision.

Justin Bieber might believe in love and marriage lasting forever, but that doesn’t mean Hailey Baldwin does. Who even is this girl? All we know about Hailey Baldwin is that she’s friends with Kendall Jenner, she’s the daughter of the lesser-known Stephen Baldwin, and she used to be a ballet dancer. Other than that … this girl could be about to embark on one of the most lucrative schemes in human history and nobody would be for the wiser.

It’s nice that the Biebs thinks marriage is forever. But over 50 percent of the population does not. And it only takes one party to screw up a marriage. It’s shockingly easy, actually.

Best of luck to Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. I hope they last forever. It would be a real shame if anything happened to rile up some real drama for me to write about. A real, real shame.

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