Friend Of Kavanaugh Accuser Weighs In On Allegations

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Samantha Guerry, a friend of Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, gave her thoughts on the unfolding events during an interview with Chris Hayes on Wednesday night.


Chris Hayes asked Guerry what her reaction was when the anonymous allegations suddenly had a name to them.

“I’m not sure she did put her name to it. I think that it got leaked, and then she had to respond in order for it not to kind of completely spin out of her hands. She didn’t ask to be in the situation she is in now. She asked for confidentiality. But apparently that wasn’t possible. So we were all obviously shocked that it was somebody that we know and respect,” Guerry replied.

Asked if she knew either Kavanaugh or Mark Judge in high school, Guerry replied, “They were acquaintances of mine. They were good friends of good friends of mine so you know how those circles kind of go out. But I don’t have any specific recall of either of them, and I’m not able to comment on their — on them specifically from that time.”

Samantha did say that “they were definitely at parties together” and because of very small class sizes, “you really knew each other. You really did get to know each other.”

Guerry concluded by telling MSNBC that she has not been directly communicating with Ford since the allegations came forward.

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