Restaurant ‘Created On Love’ Gets Lobsters High To Make Their Deaths More Humane

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A restaurant in Maine is giving its lobsters marijuana before steaming them in an effort to make their deaths more humane.

“This restaurant was created on love,” said Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound owner Charlotte Gill, according to WMTW News 8. “That is its foundation and purpose. The idea is for all that come here to be able to reconnect with things that we have perhaps forgotten about as a society and reconnect with the past.”

Maine legalized marijuana after voters cast their ballots in favor of legalizing its recreational use in November 2016, but regulation of the drug has not been worked out. While arrests for smoking marijuana will no longer be legal in the state, retail shops selling the drug won’t likely be able to operate until spring 2019.

Gill, whose restaurant is in Southwest Harbor, put a lobster in a container with marijuana smoke as an experiment and claimed the lobster was unusually calm over the next few weeks. Gill plans to sedate lobsters with marijuana per customer request and will build a larger tank for multiple lobsters, according to WMTW8. (RELATED: Maine Will Erect Memorial To Lobsters If PETA Has Its Way)

She plans to build a larger tank to sedate multiple lobsters at once.

Gill is a registered medical marijuana caregiver. Previous to the state’s legalization of the drug, persons with licensed medical marijuana cards could grow and administer the drug.

Switzerland banned boiling lobsters in February, saying the method is inhumane because lobsters can feel pain. The law, which took effect March 1, also prohibits putting lobsters on ice while they are transported. Killing a lobster by electrocution, or sedating the creature before stabbing a knife into its brain are the recommended methods whereby persons should kill lobsters for consumption. (RELATED: Transgender Community Angry There’s A Lobster Emoji But No Transgender Flag)

“I have made enough mistakes in my 47 years that I want to make sure that every action moving forward is one that I can live with, and also to show my son that his mom stands for what she believes in,” Gill said, WMTW8 reported. “This world has enough pain and suffering as it is. It’s time to make it a better place and I’m going to do my part, by starting here with this one thing.”

It is not certain whether THC residue would be present in the lobster meat upon consumption or not, but Gill maintains humans cannot get high off a marijuana-sedated lobster meat.

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