CNN Panel Gets Heated While Arguing Kavanaugh Accusation And Upcoming Hearing

Mike Brest Reporter
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An explosive Thursday afternoon CNN panel began with the question of whether or not Professor Christine Blasey Ford would testify and quickly spiraled into commentators shouting each other down.

“Don’t speak to me like that!” Amanda Carpenter exclaimed as Symone Sanders called her argument “a bunch of BS.”


The fiery exchange occurred mainly between Carpenter and Sanders with “The Lead” host Jake Tapper and David Urban participating on the panel but remaining on the sidelines during much of the back and forth.

“Everyone thought she was serious because she went to the members of Congress,” Carpenter said. “She took a polygraph. She talked to the Washington Post and then said I’m willing to testify. So Republicans are perfectly within their rights to say, ‘Okay, let’s make this happen in a timely manner.’ And given the threats and this environment, I think it becomes even more important that they reach a speedy resolution.”

“Are you saying that it is in Dr. Ford’s best interest and her safety that Republicans are asking her to testify on Monday? That is a bunch of B.S. to quote [Senator] Mazie Hirono,” Sanders shot back.

Sanders has been an ardent supporter and believer of Dr. Ford. Earlier this week, she got into a heated battle with Bill Kristol, the editor at large of The Weekly Standard. At the time, she said, “For me there is no debate. I believe Professor Ford.” (RELATED: Symone Sanders Is Ready Too Say Kavanaugh Is Guilty Before Hearings: ‘For Me There Is No Debate’) 

“I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to find answers. Don’t speak to me like that,” Carpenter responded, talking over Sanders. “I’m interested in everyone’s safety. Don’t say I’m spewing BS. You don’t go there.”

“If you are accused of attempted rape or sexual assault — are we back to you saying you don’t necessarily believe Dr. Ford? Because earlier this week, Amanda you were one of the folks that noted –,” Sanders said before Carpenter interrupted her.

Carpenter shouted, “There’s no evidence besides one story. That’s never what I said. Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying, you know what I said.”

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