Man Allegedly Concludes Argument With Woman By Setting Her On Fire

Frank Bojazi Freelancer

He was charged with first-degree arson. He was also charged with causing the victim, Thelma Shelby, great bodily harm.

Shelby was left critically injured, according to the Orlando Sentinel, which relayed information from a Fort Myers Police Department news release.

The victim’s daughter provided details of the alleged argument to Fort Myers Police, explaining that the suspect had argued with her mother and then left the property. However, he returned with a container of flammable liquid and attempted to set the house on fire. In the process, Palmer accidentally set fire to his shirt — and as he attempted to fan the flames on his shirt, he threw the jug which spilled the flammable contents and caused the fire to spread. This resulted in Shelby’s clothes igniting as well, a witness told Fox 4 Now.

Palmer reportedly fled the scene but was arrested shortly after and taken to the Lee Memorial Hospital. He was treated for burns, and then taken to jail.

Shelby was taken to the same hospital but later taken to the Tampa Hospital Burn Unit where she was placed in critical condition.

Palmer’s bail is set at $400,000.