Passengers On Flight Panic As Blood Starts Coming Out Of Nose, Ears

Joseph Lafave Contributor
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More than 30 passengers on Jet Airways flight 9W 0697 in India were hurt on Thursday after the flight crew failed to activate a mechanism that regulates the cabin pressure. According to AFP, many of the injured were “bleeding from their ears and noses.”

“I was in the business class and the oxygen mask came down suddenly. One passenger came running from the back asking everyone to put on the masks,” said one of the passengers while speaking to the NDTV news network, according to AFP. “All the passengers were panicking, those sitting at the back and who were unable to wear the masks started bleeding from their mouths and noses.”

In a statement posted on Twitter, Jet Airways stated that five of the injured were sent to a hospital for examination but have since been released and that the majority of the passengers chose to take another Jet Airways flight to their intended destination of Jaipur.

“We regret the inconvenience caused to our guests,” the statement added.

According to the AFP, the flight crew is being taken off of flight status until an investigation is completed. India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation has asked the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to file its investigative report as soon as possible.