Rapper In Serious Legal Trouble After Allegedly Showing Up To Airport With Gun

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Rapper Plies is in some serious hot water after he was arrested for allegedly trying to bring a gun through airport security in Tampa, Florida.

TMZ reported the following details:

Law enforcement sources tell us the rapper was getting a bag scanned Wednesday morning at Tampa International Airport before getting onto a Delta flight when TSA agents discovered a Glock 43 in one of his bags, as well as a fully-loaded magazine lying beside it.

We’re told Plies had no permit for the gun, and was arrested by airport police for carrying a concealed weapon — a felony.

You can watch a video of him being hauled off below.

Accidentally bringing a Glock 43 through airport security with a loaded magazine right next to it is a quick way to get yourself put in handcuffs. He’s reportedly facing a felony concealed carry charge, which seems like a bit much if this was truly an accident. (RELATED: STAR RAPPER ARRESTED. THE REASON WHY IS EXTREMELY DISTURBING)

As somebody who owns a lot of guns, there is never an excuse to not know where one of your guns is, but I also can sympathize with somebody grabbing the wrong bag.


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I sure hope that Plies has a hell of a lawyer because felonies are nothing to sneeze at. Maybe next time he should check his bags a little more carefully before heading to the airport.

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