Scarborough Criticizes Democrats’ Handling Of Kavanaugh Accusations


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Joe Scarborough ripped into Senate Democrats for their handling of Christine Ford’s allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and her request for anonymity during a “Morning Joe” segment on Thursday.


Former aide to George W. Bush, Elise Jordan joined Scarborough to discuss the atmosphere surrounding the accusations put forth by Dr. Ford and offered her take on how Democrats have handled the situation.

Jordan explained:

“I don’t think that the back-and-forth overall of this is unsurprising. When you look at how quickly this has evolved — and it’s been just so badly mishandled by the Democrats that they believe that she’s a victim — then they have re-victimized their victim by their shoddy handling of the entire process and by introducing it at the 11th hour instead of letting this have the time that it deserves for true fact-finding about what actually happened.”

Scarborough replied, “This is the second time now in modern American history that a woman who feels like she’s been harassed sexually has gone to the Democratic Judiciary Committee, said, ‘I want to give you this information, I want to remain anonymous,’ and this is the second time that information has gotten out.”

The “Morning Joe” host continued his lambasting of the Democratic party, claiming the way Democrats have handled the issue has been “offensive.” (RELATED: Megyn Kelly Puts Kavanaugh Accuser On Notice- ‘Needs To Show Up On Monday’)

“They waited until their hearings were over,”  Scarborough continued, “They waited until they basically put their finger up in the political winds and they knew that Kavanaugh was going to pass, and then somebody on the Senate Judiciary Committee, or perhaps out of a Democratic congresswoman’s office said well, ‘it looks like he’s going to pass,’ we’re going to shove this lady out of the closet and basically identify her.”

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