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Afternoon Mirror: April Ryan To Hit Book Tour With Scandalized Pastor

Quote of the Day:

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Probably don’t want Morgan Freeman starring in Driving Dr Ford.” 

The Resurgent‘s Erick Erickson reacting to the news that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford doesn’t want to fly to appear Monday’s hearing.

Sen. Feinstein’s office is getting rape threats

“Since the allegations about sexual assault became public, we’ve been getting a significant number of calls and emails, mostly from other parts of the country, that have been disrespectful and ugly,” a spokesman for Sen. Dianne Feinstein told McClatchy. “Calls have included threats of bodily and sexual harm against staff. Emails have come in with threats and highly offensive insults to specific staff members by name.” — Splinter News. Read the entire piece here.

Pssst… New York Post‘s op-ed editor Seth Mandel was spotted at The Washington Examiner. Hmmm…might he be job hunting?

That video of the Prez… hissing like a snack is fake news. See here.

BOOK PUSHER: Outspoken White House American Urban Radio reporter April Ryan will talk about her book, Under Fire, on Tuesday at Empowerment Temple Church in Baltimore, Md. with Pastor Jamal Bryant. Bryan is a pretty scandalous figure. It appears an extramarital affair ruined his marriage in 2008. In 2016, a woman accused him of fathering a son and not keeping up with his childcare payments.

Gossip site: Kellyanne can’t quit CNN’s Cuomo 

Trump aide Kellyanne Conway has a non-serious rule when it comes to appearing on Chris Cuomo’s “Cuomo Primetime”: Do not interrupt her. See here.

Journo envy 

“I’m in awe of daily news reporters who find the time to write books.” — Axios White House reporter Jonathan Swan.

Hoagie shop shuttering all stores

“Uhhhh all Taylor Gourmet locations in D.C. are closing in 48 hours??” — Mark Berman, Washington Post. See the story in Washingtonian.

Journos react…

“Dammit, that was my preferred cheap food option before shows at The Anthem. I didn’t even know that happened, why am I being punished?” — Ethan Barton, The Daily Caller News Foundation. 

“Yeah, ok, I’m done with this week, month, year.” — Laura Barron Lopez, The Washington Examiner.

“Folks, Taylor Gourmet has not been good in quite some time. Shophouse however was great and didn’t deserve it’s untimely end.” — Kate Nocera, D.C. Bureau Chief, BuzzFeed News.

CNN makes list of ‘bad’ boys Trump has defended 

“Men accused of serious misconduct against women defended by the president, a list. Bill O’Reilly, Mike Tyson, Roger Ailes, Rob Porter, himself, Roy Moore, Brett Kavanaugh, Bill Clinton, (for years before Trump ran for president and reversed himself).” — CNN’s cat loving Andrew Kaczynski.

Happy Time: A reporter for New York Mag has a happy happy visit to Sen. Cory Booker‘s (D-N.J.) office. Before the interview, he gets weird hugs from staffers. During the interview things only get weirder. “One day I ask Booker, “Everyone seems to want to know: Are you currently single? Are you gay? Can I ask these questions?”Booker’s answer: “He laughs and says, ‘Yeah … no. I don’t mind being candid,” which is an answer to all three questions.'” He says he really wants to be a husband and father, but that it’s “hard to date” as a senator. Read the entire piece here.

BuzzFeed News writes a really enlightening (eye roll) story about the virtues of eating Nutella versus avocado. “That’s not to say you can’t eat Nutella if you want to eat some damn Nutella.” Read on. Or don’t. The basic gist is that avocado on whole grain toast is the healthiest option. And Nutella should be considered a treat. And obviously we already knew all that.

Final episodes of CNN’s Anthony Bourdain “Parts Unknown”: Sunday at 9 p.m.

On BuzzFeed‘s podcast cuts: “BuzzFeed News just wrapped up a long, emotional all-hands meeting led by @BuzzFeedBen & @shani_o in the wake of yesterday’s news about cuts to the podcast team. It was on the record.” — Steven Perlberg, media and politics reporter, BuzzFeed News.

Gossip roundup

Robert Redford may not retire after all. Here.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama “Becoming” tickets range in price from $30 to $3K. More.