Schiff Stands By Rosenstein Despite NYT Bombshell

Mike Brest Reporter
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Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff defended U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on CNN Friday night — even after a New York Times report alleged that he had offered to wear a wire in conversations with President Trump.


“Well, it could fit into a completely different kind of idea, and that is that the president is so unstable that lifetime career public servants who have worked in Democratic administrations and Republican administrations, many of whom, who are Republicans like Rod Rosenstein, have to contemplate whether the Constitutional provision applies when the president is incapacitated,” Schiff said.

He continued, “For those that are ready to believe there is a deep state, those kooky conspiracy theories, certainly they’ll seize on this as they’ll seize on anything else.”

Rosenstein allegedly discussed wearing a wire to record President Donald Trump and volunteered to recruit cabinet officials to potentially remove the president from office. (RELATED: Report: Rosenstein Discussed Wearing A Wire In Meetings With Trump)

“If Rosenstein were to be fired, it would be another clear demonstration of obstruction of justice by the president. In the immediate aftermath, we’d have to consider, you know, what does that mean in terms of our system of checks and balances? What is the response of Congress?” Schiff added.

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