Toronto Mass Shooter Arrested Days Before Killing 2, Injuring 13

REUTERS/Chris Helgren

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Toronto police arrested mass shooter Faisal Hussain for shoplifting just two days before his apparent breakdown last July when he killed Julianna Kozis and Reese Fallon and injured 13 others.

As Global News reports, unsealed police documents revealed Thursday that Hussain was no stranger to the Toronto cops, having been written up in reports for eight years.

The documents also reveal that police believe Hussain planned the killing spree and that he was “smiling as he was shooting.” A search of Hussain’s residence revealed a stockpile of ammunition and a plethora of electronic devices.

“Given the amount of ammunition on hand, it is reasonable to believe that this occurrence was planned and that items of planning, both physical and digital on electronic devices, will be located within his residence,” according to the report.

Police were also looking for materials “used to build an explosive device” as well as “any literature or documents depicting hate, extremism, terrorism or similar belief or following.” ISIS claimed responsibility for the shooting in the aftermath of the incident but no direct connection between Hussain and the terrorist organization has been revealed. (RELATED: ISIS Claims Responsibility For Mass Shooting)

But the report notes that “the accused’s electronic communications may have data pertaining to counseling or assisting other people in carrying out similar attacks or provide evidence of others counseling or inciting Faisal Hussain to commit his offenses.” The documents released to not clarify whether that was indeed the case.

Hussain is believed to have committed suicide in a shoot-out with police.

Documents also reveal a strange disconnect between how the father and mother assessed their son’s activities and character.

According to his father, Faisal was “into guns” and “did not have any girlfriends/friends or mental health issues.” He also told police that his son accompanied him on a trip to Pakistan and that Faisal enjoyed the vacation very much.

But police say the mother’s story was entirely different: “She said he never talked about guns and she had ‘never seen him angry.'” The mother also denied that her son had ever left Canada and that he had seen a psychiatrist for mental health issues.

The only thing the parents agree on is Hussain had “no friends and has never had a girlfriend.”

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