Michael Moore Blames Obama For Trump Michigan Win

(HBO screengrab)

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Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore on Friday criticized former President Obama for his role in handing the state of Michigan to Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

The “Real Time With Bill Maher” segment began with Moore telling Maher about how Clinton, who “never should have lost a blue state,” lost Michigan by “about two votes per precinct.” To Moore, an important factor was the fact that the people of Flint thought they were “used as props out there in the audience” during a debate with Bernie Sanders where “Hillary knew what the question was.”

“You go after the Democrats,” noted Maher. “That’s what friends do. They are honest with their friends.”


“I love President Obama. We may not have a better president in my lifetime,” said Moore before launching into his criticism of how Obama handled the Flint water crisis.

“In the film, I show something that sadly President Obama did by coming to Flint and telling people the water was okay. It was still poison,” said Moore. “And then he pretended to drink from a glass of water and then said that it wasn’t a stunt. And it was. And it just put a knife in the heart of so many people in Flint who were hoping he would come, bring the Army Corps of Engineers, dig up these poison pipes, and replace the pipes in the city. And he didn’t do that. And then people gave up and a lot of people stayed home. They didn’t vote for Trump, but they just stayed home.”

“You cannot talk to people who have suffered so much, especially in this town,” said Moore. “Their jobs were eliminated 30 years ago, then the economy was ruined. The pipes were poison.”

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