Charge Your Phone Multiple Times On The Go With This Power Bank That’s $20

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Electronic devices are essential to our daily lives, whether that’s powering a morning playlist with your smartphone or connecting to the news and people you care about most with your laptop. It’s smart, then, to give yourself a portable way to charge, so you never miss a beat when away from a wall outlet. With the 12,000mAh LED Power Bank, carry a high-capacity power source with you no matter where the day takes you.

Normally $40, this power bank is 50 percent off

Normally $40, this power bank is 50 percent off

12,000mAh LED Power Bank on sale for $19.99

You’ll have all the power you need to charge your favorite devices on the go with this power bank. It gives you two USB ports and 12,000mAh for some clutch portable power when you need it the most. This means you can charge any USB-powered device — your smartphone, laptop, tablet, earbuds, e-reader, or anything in between — conveniently wherever the day takes you. Want to work from the park, but you’re low on battery? Take this with you and go ahead!

On top of that, this power bank gives you a large charging capacity in a compact package. Meaning, you can charge any smartphone fully multiple times with this sleek piece of gear. What’s more, it doubles as a flashlight, so if you ever get caught in the dark, you’ve got an extra light just in case of an emergency.

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