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BuzzFeed Producer Goes Ballistic When Man Critiques Her Parallel Parking


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger

Caroline Moss, a Brooklyn-based producer at BuzzFeed, is not looking for attention from men. Really. In fact, she may not want to speak to anyone who has male genitalia for at least a month after a recent incident over her parallel parking.

On Sunday, Moss tweeted just after noon, “I just pulled a tight parallel park with centimeters to spare in one try and 0 issues and a man watched me from the curb the entire time. When I got out he told me I did a good job but that I COULD HAVE hit both cars and maybe next time I should look for an easier spot.”

Good for her on her excellent parallel parking skills. It can take years of bumps, scrapes and second tries to finesse the skill.

A minute later, she added, “Men are not allowed to talk to me until October.”

I can relate. I’ve definitely wanted to scratch someone’s eyeballs out — male or female — when someone advises me that I’m parking in an illegal spot. I know what I’m doing, ok? That’s why I’m doing it. Or when a mystery gendered stranger leaves me a note on my windshield that reads “Learn how to park.” (This just happened to me over the weekend, despite easily parking between the two white lines in a large garage.)

And recently, I rear ended a woman who simultaneously rear ended me in the parking lot of a Whole Foods. She angrily claimed it was my fault and insisted that I not flee the scene (I told her I was getting my insurance card and began walking back to my car.) I told the insurance company it was an accident, that I was trying to avoid hitting a man walking by and that we were both equally at fault. She made up an entirely different version of the story. Thankfully they agreed with me and the bitch did not get away with her lies.

In Moss’s case, might the man who dared to question Moss’s parking may have just been a garden variety life asshole?

For someone who doesn’t want to get noticed for being female, a look at Moss’s Twitter feed reveals a picture that focuses on her butt. The picture is one of those fetching peek over the right shoulder numbers where at least one of the the focal points of the picture is her derriere.

She’s co-authoring HEY LADIES! & WORK IT, GIRL, a series due out in 2019.

It’s safe to say she’s a feminist.

Be careful, gentlemen.

In the age of #MeToo, it is not safe to tell a woman how to park her car.

It’s also just annoying to be the parking police when that clearly is not your job.