Reporter That Covered Sen. Gillibrand Says She’ll ‘[Embrace] Whatever Is Expedient’

Mike Brest Reporter
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A City Journal associate editor who previously covered Senator Kirsten Gillibrand claimed on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday night that the New York Senator uses whatever she does to try to gain political points.


Seth Barron covered Gillibrand previously and appeared on the show to discuss her recent statements saying that she believes the women who have accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.

“But Senator Gillibrand has a very long history of embracing whatever is expedient and dispensing with whatever is no longer expedient,” Barron said. “She was elected in 2006 as a conservative Democrat. Al D’Amato was basically her mentor and arranged for her to become Senator after Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State in 2009. She was a conservative Democrat, she had an A rating from the NRA.”

“One thing she said earlier this year that I thought was very revealing, I asked why, when she used to support deportation of illegal immigrants and now she was on board with the dreamers, she said, ‘well I came from a district that was 98% white,’ and she said this is something she’s embarrassed and ashamed about,” he continued. “I mean it’s consistent for her. This is exactly what she has done throughout her entire career.”

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