Joy Behar And Joe Scarborough Square Off Over Whether 2016 Election Was ‘Stolen’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough butted heads with “The View” host Joy Behar on Tuesday’s show when Behar claimed that the 2016 election had been “stolen.” “Do they only steal the elections your side loses?” he asked.


Scarborough was making the claim that Republicans were destined to be a minority party in the near future — and for a long time — if nothing changed after the 2016 election.

“I said throughout the 2016 campaign there were not enough old white guys to elect Donald Trump just based on demographics — based on pure politics. I was wrong. Actually, though, he got 3 million fewer votes, but that’s the end of that world,” he said.

“But they keep stealing the election …” Joy Behar interrupted, prompting an exasperated response from Scarborough: “Oh, come on.”

Behar came right back with, “Grow up, Joe,” to which he fired back, “You grow up!”

Mika Brzezinski, seated between them, threw up her hands and shook her head, saying, “You two …”

But Scarborough got the last word, asking pointedly, “Do they only steal the elections your side loses?”

Behar went on to make her case, citing the actions of then-FBI Director James Comey and voting machines that may or may not have been tampered with.

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