Martha MacCallum Challenges Senator Coons On ‘Burden Of Proof’ — ‘She Also Has The Same Challenge’

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Fox News host Martha MacCallum on Wednesday challenged Delaware Senator Chris Coons for insisting that Judge Kavanaugh has the “burden of disproving” the allegations against him from decades ago.


“It is Judge Kavanaugh who is seeking a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court and who I think now bears the burden of disproving these allegations rather than Dr. Ford and Ms. Ramirez,” Coons said on MSNBC Monday.

“I mean, since when in this country is that the way this works,” MacCallum said after playing a clip from Senator Lindsey Graham on the impossibility of such a task.

Coons responded by stating that Thursday’s hearing is “not a criminal trial” but Kavanaugh must persuade Senate Judiciary Committee members.

“And she also has the same challenge,” said the Fox News host.

“Martha, Martha, his challenge is to persuade us that he has the judicial temperament and the integrity to serve on the Supreme Court,” said Coons.

MacCallum challenged Coons on his own decision that the accuser is “credible” before hearing her testimony.

“Don’t they both bear the burden of proving their own credibility and why would you walk into this situation, having already decided that she is credible, which you just said, and that you don’t think he is? How could you already be at that point?” she asked. (RELATED: Kavanaugh Accuser Issues Another Demand, Wants To Limit Media Present In Hearing)

Coons responded by restating his calls for an FBI investigation, noting that there are those who support Kavanaugh’s integrity and that Ford is “going to come forward tomorrow with three more affidavits of folks to whom she disclosed this alleged sexual assault years ago before anyone knew judge Kavanaugh might be on the Supreme Court.”

“But you have already made your decision,” pressed MacCallum. “You said you believe that she is credible. So you have made your decision on that. Is that correct?”

” Martha, I made my decision to vote against Judge Kavanaugh based on his legal jurisprudence,” responded Coons. “Based on my questioning of him about presidential power.”

“You are not answering my question about whether or not you have already decided that she is credible?” said MacCallum. (RELATED: ‘Calm’ President Trump Knew About Allegations Before New Yorker Piece, Is Sticking With Kavanaugh)

“I think she has brought forward credible allegations. And I think if she presents credible testimony tomorrow, that will leave a significant cloud hanging over Judge Kavanaugh,” said the Delaware senator.

“The president just said moments ago is he going into this with an open mind,” the Fox News host concluded. “He said he could change his mind about Judge Kavanaugh tomorrow. So I don’t see much point to the whole exercise if that isn’t the way everybody feels on both sides.”

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