These Photos Are Why Dustin Johnson Is Getting Dragged Online

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Jena Greene Reporter
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PGA star Dustin Johnson is getting annihilated this week after a few photos of him in Paris with fiancé Paulina Gretzky surfaced online.

The two were spotted in Paris ahead of the Ryder Cup dinner gala last week — just days after rumors about Johnson’s alleged cheating came out. And since this was one of the first times the couple was spotted together publicly since the allegations broke, paparazzi were obviously pretty curious to see them. (RELATED: WOMAN WHO ALLEGEDLY BROKE UP DUSTIN JOHNSON AND PAULINA GRETZKY IDENTIFIED [PHOTOS])

What we saw, however, was pretty shocking:


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Not exactly a flattering look for supposed-star golfer Dustin Johnson. (RELATED: THE REASON PAULINA GRETZKY WAS CELEBRATING AFTER THE US OPEN IS HYSTERICAL)

It’s no secret that Dustin Johnson’s fiancé is gorgeous. She’s got 745,000 followers on Instagram to show for it and drops what the kids call “thirst traps” on a regular basis. That’s likely a lot of the reason Dustin Johnson likes her.


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But what a terrible, terrible look for him. If you’re going to facilitate your wife/fiancé/girlfriend’s thirst trapping, at least do it in private. The woman gets her livelihood from sharing scantily clad photos with her followers. And Dustin Johnson looks like the biggest beta male in the world for facilitating it in broad daylight.

If he were actually a cool, successful golfer, he’d plan this public debut much better. He’d be photographed rolling up to Paris in a brand new Lamborghini, wife decked out in head-to-toe designer clothes he bought for her, united as a front and laughing at all the losers who spread the cheating rumors. He’d be all, “Oh, you peasants still work? My fiancé doesn’t have to.”

Instead, he’s letting her hustle for the ‘gram while he looks like the biggest beta male in human history.

That’s not how winners play. You think Tiger would ever be caught dead taking Instagram photos for his slew of model girlfriends? Absolutely not. That’s chick stuff. Besides, if you’re a golf star, you should be the only star. Not competing for the limelight during a sweet trip to Paris.

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