Sarah Sanders Asked ‘What’s The Rush?’ On Confirming Kavanaugh – She Goes Off On Dems, Feinstein

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told NBC’s “Today” show who she blames for the Brett Kavanaugh hearing in the U.S. Senate today.

When asked, “What’s the rush?” for hearings and confirmation, Sanders placed the blame squarely on Democrats and Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

“I think that’s one of the frustrations that I think all Americans have. But that’s at the hands of Democrats. They held onto this this,” Sanders said. “They should have brought this forward. Sen. Feinstein had that letter for two months and never brought that to the table.”

Feinstein and her office had the Ford allegations for months before the hearings. They never brought up the allegations in hundreds of hours of questioning Kavanaugh.

Sanders questioned why multiple Kavanaugh allegations were leaked to the press instead of being brought to the Judiciary.

“I don’t question the stories, but I certainly question the tactics, that these individuals were more than willing to give interviews to the Washington Post, to the New Yorker but refuse to sit down with the Senate Judiciary Committee,” Sanders said, “To me that is problematic and certainly one of the big frustrations that we’ve seen in this entire process, and I think that’s why today is so important, because you won’t only hear from Dr. Ford but also from Brett Kavanaugh, and it’s a very important part of this process.”

When asked about the eventual confirmation vote for Kavanaugh scheduled for Friday, Sanders again pivoted to blaming Democrats for the entire process.

“Democrats have known about this,” Sanders concluded, “If they wanted to go through a two-month process, why didn’t they bring this up in the middle of Kavanaugh’s hearing? They knew about it and sat on it. It’s because they want to play political games. If people have any frustration with the pace and speed, there’s no place to look other than at the Democrats who have turned this whole thing into a complete circus.”