Can You Guess The Party Of These Obscure Lawmakers Just By Looking At Them?

Stefan Zaklin/Getty Images

Jon Brown Associate Editor

Does a person’s appearance change with their politics? Sometimes it seems that people wear their beliefs on their sleeves.

Some members of Congress go out of their way to make themselves noticeable, like Rep. Frederica Wilson in her colorful hats, or Sen. Corey Booker with his impassioned Spartacus-inspired soliloquies. Some others from obscure districts in less-populated states are not so well-known. But do their parties still show through their appearances?

Can you guess the political party of these less famous lawmakers just by looking at them? Out of the 535 members of Congress, we went out of our way to pick ones you’ve probably never heard of. It may be more difficult than you might think. Not everyone is willing to don a pink hat, after all. How many fit your idea of what a Republican or Democrat should look like?

Try our quiz, and see how well-developed your political sixth sense is!