Steve Bannon: An Outsider Like Michael Avenatti Could Win Democratic Nomination In 2020

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Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon on Friday said that lawyer Michael Avenatti could end up being the Democratic nominee for president in 2020.

During a discussion with Bill Maher about potential presidential prospects from the Democratic Party, Bannon agreed with the HBO host’s contention that Avenatti, who represents Stormy Daniels, could be the “Trump of 2020.”

“The guy who’s the outsider, who like blows through the regular politician because he looks different and he’s got balls,” Maher told Bannon.

“If Bernie Sanders had an ounce of Avenatti’s fearlessness, he would have been the Democratic nominee and we would have had a much tougher time beating him,” replied Bannon.

“Bernie doesn’t have fearlessness?” asked the HBO host.

“Not like Avenatti,” Bannon responded. “I’ve not done any due diligence on this guy, but I tell you he’s got a fearlessness and he’s a fighter. I think he’ll go through a lot of this field if he decides to stick with it.”

“I don’t happen to think a professional politician is going to be there at the end of the day. I’ve always said it’s going to be an Oprah or an Avenatti — somebody who’s more media savvy,” said Bannon. (RELATED: Bill Maher Uses McCain Death To Mock Lindsey Graham — He ‘Needs The Stabilizing Influence Of His Dead Boyfriend’)

“You’re gonna have Trump on the right, a politician, maybe a Kamala Harris or somebody on the left, and I think you’ll have a Bloomberg or a Romney or somebody in the center,” concluded the former White House strategist. “I think it will be a three-way race.”


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