Jeff Flake Yucks It Up With Chris Coons At Global Citizen Festival — ‘Join Me In An Elevator Anytime’

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Senators Jeff Flake and Chris Coons appeared Saturday together at New York City’s Global Citizens Festival, a concert held every year in Central Park during the United Nations General Assembly.

On Friday, both senators completed a behind-closed-doors conversation that ended up with Flake changing direction on his previously stated support for President Trump’s SCOTUS pick and the added condition of a week-long FBI investigation into sexual assault allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.


“Hi, global citizen. I’m Chris Coons, a Democrat from Delaware,” Coons said.

“And I’m Jeff Flake, a Republican from Arizona,” Flake added.

Coons then lauded their “personal relationship” that made the “compromise that prevailed yesterday possible.”

“So we’re here to support bipartisan leadership on foreign aid,” the Arizona senator added.

“Thanks to all of you global citizens who have contacted us this year, you have texted, you have called, you have touched our hearts. Keep calling,” Flake said. (RELATED: Ingraham: Flake Sounded Like An Out-Of-Touch Narcissist)

After Coons’ next line, Flake said, “So feel free to join me in an elevator anytime,” referring to the protesters who confronted him on Friday.

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