Sen. Klobuchar Won’t Say Whether She Would Prosecute Kavanaugh

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Sunday avoided answering whether, as a former prosecutor, she felt there was enough evidence to charge Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh pursuant to the allegations against him.


CNN’s Jake Tapper began by pointing out the fact that Rachel Mitchell, who was chosen to question both Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday because she is a prosecutor with experience in sexual assault cases, said that she would not move forward with prosecution based on Ford’s testimony.

“So, Senator, you used to be a prosecutor,” Tapper began. “As you know, as of now, with the evidence that we have, which is no corroborating evidence from the time, nobody who was at the party, being able to back the story … We know that the prosecutor the Republicans brought in, Miss Mitchell, has said that she would not have enough to take this case — to even get a search warrant.”

Then he turned the question on Klobuchar, asking, “Do you disagree with that assessment, as a former prosecutor?”

Klobuchar sidestepped, saying, “First of all, I want to make clear this isn’t a criminal trial. And that, again, Kellyanne and I agree on that. This wasn’t a criminal trial. This is a job interview.”

She continued, turning the conversation away from the lack of evidence against Kavanaugh.

“What this is about is the dignity of the court, the dignity of the Senate and get to the bottom of the facts,” Klobuchar explained. “So, I haven’t looked at the evidence in that way because I haven’t been able to interview the witnesses that were there.”

Klobuchar concluded by cheering Senator Jeff Flake, who pushed for the FBI investigation in exchange for his affirmative vote in committee.

“All we wanted to do and this is where Senator Flake made a courageous move by standing up and saying I can’t stomach this anymore,” she said. “This is beneath the dignity of the country. This is dividing the country. Let’s at least have an impartial fact-finder.”

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