Former Trump Aide Provides Proof After Being Criticized For Black Lives Matter Riot Comment

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Former Trump aide Michael Caputo clarified his comments about Black Lives Matter and offered proof after many on social media and a writer on two left-wing websites accused him of stoking racial fears.

“I did not say BLM leaders called for rioting, as some are accusing me of saying on CNN,” Caputo wrote in an email to The Daily Caller, stating his comments were worded “carefully.”

“But when [Kavanaugh] is confirmed – if he is – I’m concerned,” Caputo told CNN host Fredricka Whitfield on Sunday. “We see, you know, social media accounts associated with Black Lives Matter talking about how they’re going to riot. So, that is apparently where we’re going from here.” (RELATED: Former Trump Advisor: If FBI Can Investigate Hillary’s Emails In A Few Days, A Week Should Be No Problem For Kavanaugh)

Caputo made the comment during this segment, at the end of the clip:

RawStory’s headline read, “Michael Caputo stokes racial fears: Black Lives Matter will ‘riot’ when Kavanaugh is confirmed.”

“Former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo warned on Sunday that African-Americans will ‘riot’ if Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed,” wrote David Edwards at both RawStory and CrooksAndLiars. RawStory’s tweet said the message “seems aimed at Fox News viewers.”

“Michael Caputo On Kavanaugh: Black Lives Matter Will ‘Riot’ When He’s Confirmed,” read the headline, paired with a tweet that called it “racially-coded fear mongering.

In an email to The Daily Caller, Caputo sent a screengrab of the tweet he was referring to, from Black Lives Matter activist Danielle Muscato:

Twitter Screengrab – source, Michael Caputo

Here’s the original tweet:

“I also tweeted that it doesn’t make much sense that BLM would riot,” Caputo wrote in his email, referring to the below tweet:

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