Cavuto Stops Dem Strategist Mid-Sentence After She Blames Trump For Partisan Battle Over Kavanaugh

Mike Brest Reporter
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Fox News host Neil Cavuto stopped Democratic strategist Cathy Areu during his show on Monday, fighting back after she suggested President Trump is the cause of the partisan battle that’s taking place over Brett Kavanaugh.


“Cathy, one other thing that’s come up is this expectation, maybe Mitch McConnell was the latest to raise it, no matter what Republicans do and no matter how many people they talk to or how many witnesses they reach out to or how many women have made allegations that they are able to query, Democrats won’t be satisfied. What do you say to that?” Cavuto asked.

“That could be right. I mean, the Democrats are upset about Merrick Garland not getting that seat,” Areu stated. “It’s a new America it seems like. It’s a circus. It’s Trump’s new presidency, new world under Trump.”

“No, no, no, no. Wait a minute. This world was put in place — go back to Harry Reid and how he handled things and the filibuster stuff,” Cavuto responded.

Cavuto’s reference to Reid was in regard his time as the Senate Majority Leader when the Senate voted to ban filibusters to prevent nominees from being confirmed.

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