Trump Moves On From CNN Reporter Who Refused To Ask Question On Trade

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics

When a CNN reporter opted to ask President Donald Trump about Brett Kavanaugh instead of trade during a press conference touting the new trade deal reached between United States, Mexico and Canada (USMCA), Trump directed that the mic be given to another reporter.

The back-and-forth occurred during a press conference at the White House over a renegotiated NAFTA deal. Trump gave comments about how good the deal was and how difficult it was to negotiate, and about the “terrible” trade deals the country has entered into in the past.

Trump called on CNN White House reporter Kaitlan Collins, who began by saying, “Now that you’ve answered several questions on trade, I’d like to turn —”

Trump then interrupted Collins, formerly Daily Caller White House correspondent, saying, “Don’t do that. Excuse me. Do you have a question on trade? … Don’t do that. That’s not nice.”

The reporter persisted, saying, “You answered several questions on trade. My question is on Judge Kavanaugh. You said the FBI should interview [whomever] that they believe is appropriate. Does that include Julie Swetnick, the third accuser?”

“Excuse me, don’t do that. Do have a question on trade?” Trump asked. He then turned his attention to another reporter. “Give me a question, please. Give her the microphone, please.”

The CNN reporter handed the mic to a White House aide, who passed it to the other reporter, who asked about border wall funding.