Tucker Carlson Criticizes ‘Saturday Night Live’ For Subtly Referring To Sen. Lindsey Graham As Gay

Mike Brest Reporter
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Tucker Carlson on Monday pointed out a brief line from “Saturday Night Live’s” skit that aired over the weekend in which they subtly suggested Senator Lindsey Graham is gay.


“‘Let me tell you queen,’ get it? Lindsey Graham is secretly gay. That is what NBC is telling you and they are implying that there is something wrong with that, that Graham ought to be deeply ashamed of that and mocked for it. Wait a second, when did liberals start using gay as an epithet?” Carlson said after airing the skit. “Isn’t that against everything they supposedly believe? Only if you assume they believe anything, but they don’t. It is only about power.”

Tammy Bruce, the president of the Independent Women’s Voice, joined Carlson to discuss the comments.

Kate McKinnon played Graham during the skit, which was supposed to mock Graham’s fiery defense of Kavanaugh during his testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. (RELATED: He Spoofed ‘Angry Kavanaugh’ On ‘SNL,’ But Here’s How Matt Damon Said He’d Handle Accusations)

Bruce responded, “Regardless of what you think of Mr. Graham, whether you agree with his policies or not, what’s fascinating is the left is this all the time. If they don’t like somebody they want to smear someone. That is the accusation to some degree. You are supposed to believe that somebody is a monster and as a result they are gay.”

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