Escape Into Virtual Reality With This $10 VR Headset

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Everybody is raving about how virtual reality and artificial intelligence will change the future of how we experience movies and games. The problem with most virtual reality headsets on the market today is the ridiculously high price tag. If you want to get a taste of the future at a fraction of the cost, check out the K-View VR Headset. This stunning VR headset will cost you less than $10, making it actually affordable for most users

Escape into an alternate reality where you can see 360 degrees in all directions. This immersive viewing experience will transform the way you view movies and play games. With the K-View VR Headset, simply turning your head will show what’s around you. In movies, you are more than just a passive spectator. In fact, you’ll almost feel like you’re inside the movie. The endless possibilities of virtual reality are at your fingertips.

Normally $100, this VR headset is 90 percent off

K-View VR Headset on sale for $9.99

All you need for the K-View VR Headset is a smartphone. Since this headset is compatible with just about any smartphone, it’s very likely that your current one will work just fine. The focal distance is adjustable up to 20 mm. There’s also a magnetic lock to hold the phone in place.

At 90% off, the K-View VR Headset will only cost you $9.99. Take advantage of this amazing deal before it’s too late!

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