Rogue Horse Gives Up On Race, Gallops Into Bar Instead. Let’s Review The Tape [VIDEO]

(YouTube screenshot: CBS News)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Smoke Room heroes are everywhere, and today we found one in the form of a French racehorse.

The horse broke free of its trainer in Chantilly, France, over the weekend and made a beeline for the nearest pub. I’ve always known horses were supposed to be intelligent creatures. I just didn’t know they were this smart. (RELATED: MAN GRABS WAITRESS’S BACKSIDE. SHE RETALIATES WITH AN NFL-LEVEL TACKLE [VIDEO])

According to CBS News, the horse ran into the nearest sports betting bar, which apparently scared some of the customers. A betting bar! Seem like a coincidence? I think not.

If I were at this pub, I’d be putting all my money on this animal. No questions asked. You can’t ask for a clearer sign for which horse to bet on if you tried. I’d buy this sign hook, line and sinker. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all a set up by the horse’s owner, just to go viral and get a ton of free publicity for this horse.

Just look at how it navigates those hairpin turns, that tiny pass-way, the slippery floor! Are you really not going to bet on a horse that manages to keep every glass and mug intact as it bucks through a pub? That takes skill, stamina, and self-awareness.

I’m expecting big things out of this horse. Really big things.

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