Justin Bieber Makes Major Life-Changing Decision. Was This A Smart Move?

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Justin Bieber is reportedly now married to supermodel Hailey Baldwin, and there’s no prenup in sight.

The Canadian pop superstar, who is worth a rumored $265 million, is now wed to Baldwin, who is only worth around $5 million at most. Reports that the couple was considering a prenup began to surface as the two were seen leaving a courthouse in New York City last month. But now we know that’s just a falsehood. (RELATED: JUSTIN BIEBER MAKES GENIUS FINANCIAL DECISION AHEAD OF MARRIAGE)

The wedding took place in Manhattan last month, with local preacher Jeffrey Quinn of Nyack College, and Bieber’s friend Josh Mehl as a witness. So it looks like those initial reports about the two not wanting a prenup — perhaps for religious reasons — were, in fact, true. (RELATED: JUSTIN BIEBER REVEALS WHETHER HE’S GETTING A PRENUP. IS HE MAKING THE DUMBEST DECISION OF HIS LIFE?)


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It’s not clear why the couple chose to lie about their decision not to get a prenup. But it’s all set in stone now. They’re married, there’s no prenup in sight, and they’re hopefully going to ride off into the sunset together, happily ever after.

I’m not exactly a hopeless romantic, but I would just like to congratulate the happy couple on their new commitment. Especially for Hailey Baldwin. I want to offer her an especially HUGE congratulations for her decision to take this new step in life.


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It’s not every day you get to marry a multi, multimillionaire superstar who happens not to want a prenup. And so when you do, you lock that DOWN either forever, or for the next five-to-eight years until the love starts to run dry and you still don’t have to worry about who’s filling your closets. Hailey Baldwin may not be as popular as some of her other supermodel friends like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, but something tells me she’s gonna be just fine.

Just a hunch.

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