Latest Revelations Involving Kanye West And An Intern Will Have Your Head Spinning

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Jena Greene Reporter
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A new report on Kanye West’s intern-scheduling habits has surfaced and, BOY, it sounds like they really nailed him this time.

The report, published by Page Six, claims Kanye and his wife, Kim Kardashian West, frequently sent Kanye’s unnamed intern on trips for strange items while he was preparing for his appearance on “Saturday Night Live” last week. (RELATED: KANYE WEST HAS A HUGE PLAN FOR COLIN KAEPERNICK, AND IT INVOLVES DONALD TRUMP)


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“Every 10 minutes, a young man who seemed to be an intern would come out [of the studio] with a sticky note and a credit card to run an errand,” an anonymous source told Page Six.

Kanye also reportedly requested “Westville, Luke’s Lobster, Jimmy John’s and Liquiteria, as well as an açaí bowl, bagels, protein bars, beer, Starbucks coffee, yellowtail sashimi, white tape and what the source described as ‘miscellaneous brown bags.'”

Color me surprised that Kanye West — the guy behind Yeezys; the guy married to Kim Kardashian — is into some weird stuff. Color me shocked.


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Actually, the only odd stuff included in this list is the white tape and brown bags. All the other stuff is pretty delicious food. If I were rich enough to afford an intern (he is) and busy enough to not be able to grab this stuff myself (he is), I’d be doing the same thing.

I feel like a baller when I order Jimmy John’s to my apartment and leave a $3 tip because the guy biked me my sandwich in the rain. Imagine how cool Kanye must be then, making headlines and ordering interns all around Manhattan. Then making headlines for ordering said intern around Manhattan. Some people really do have it all.

America truly is the land of opportunity.

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