Kavanaugh’s College Friend Drops F-Bomb, Gets Phone Call During CNN Interview

Mike Brest Reporter
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An old college classmate of Brett Kavanaugh dropped the “f-bomb” on national TV while describing an alleged bar fight that Kavanaugh escalated in an interview with Chris Cuomo Monday night, and then his phone went off on-air.

The former classmate, Chad Ludington, gave a statement to the New York Times on Monday, which was when the alleged bar fight first resurfaced.


Ludington was discussing what started the fight, saying that they were staring at a man, mistaking him for a member of a band he and his friends liked. When the stranger realized they were staring, he responded strongly. (RELATED: NYT: Kavanaugh Once Threw Ice On Some Guy At A Bar)

“He said something fairly aggressive, frankly, you know, ‘I’m not’ and ‘screw off,’ or something to that degree. And at that point, Brett took umbrage at this and threw his beer at the guy,” he said. “I actually now found out from the report that it wasn’t beer — that I had misremembered – that it was ice cubes in whatever the drink was that he was drinking. I guess we weren’t drinking water, so it must have been some sort of mixed drink.”

“And, well, the fellow — well, Brett said, “F**k you,” or something to that effect, and threw the ice at the guy, and the guy, understandably — even though he had been aggressive in his response — found that was one step too far,” Ludington continued. “So he took a swing at Brett, and then they were two guys fighting and that was all pretty quick. And then at that point, Chris Dudley, who had his drink in his hand proceeded to smash it up against the guy’s head. Well, the melee went on very briefly.”

His phone then went off.

He continued, “It wasn’t very many at all, frankly. The police show up. And they look around and ask questions about, you know, who did what, but clearly, the big mistake, obviously, had been the smashing of the glass against the guy’s head. So Chris was put in a squad car and taken down to jail.”

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