Dem Senator Hirono: Kav Throwing Ice Is Proof ‘We Need An FBI Investigation’


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Democratic Hawaii Senator Masie Hirono said on Tuesday that reports that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh once threw ice on someone are proof that “we need an FBI investigation.”


The New York Times reported on Monday night that Kavanaugh was interviewed by police in 1985 after he allegedly threw ice on a man at a college bar. The incident escalated into a fight between the man and Kavanaugh’s friend. (RELATED: NYT: Kavanaugh Once Threw Ice On A Guy) 

Hirono said during a CNN interview that the report reinforces the need for an FBI investigation into sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh. (RELATED: Mazie Hirono Tells Men To ‘Shut Up And Step Up’)

“This is why we need an FBI investigation, because there are a lot of allegations and the reports really are about how he behaves when he is drunk. So that is very relevant,” Hirono said. “And the portrayal of himself as practically a choir boy is very much contradicted by his roommate, for example, in college, as well as people who knew him in high school.”

“It all goes to how he behaves when he’s drunk because that’s the crux of all these allegations, his very aggressive behavior, belligerent behavior, when he is drunk,” she concluded.

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