Tucker Carlson: Middle Class Became ‘A Minority’ In America

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Tucker Carlson told “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning that America’s middle class became a minority group in 2015.

“The problem is the middle class in the country became a minority in 2015. Nobody even noticed it; it wasn’t a news story and yet it was the critical shift in my lifetime. You can’t have a democracy in a country that doesn’t have a middle class majority,” Carlson said.

The top-rated Fox News host was appearing to discuss his new book, released Tuesday, “Ship of Fools” that details why President Donald Trump won the 2016 election.

Carlson’s answer? “The people in charge … made a series of really bad decisions, never admitted it and, critically, never learned a single thing from it.”

Carlson says the importance of a strong middle class cannot be underestimated. “All that matters is that the average person in the country feels like he’s vested in the system” and needs to be able to say, “my life getting better, my effort is paying off and my kids have a shot at a better life than I did.”

The journalist and author also talked about “Fox & Friends” being the “hardest show to host that’s ever been” because of the “whole range of things” that the program deals with on a daily basis, from hard news to food.

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