Star Rapper Appears To Punch Fan On Camera — Watch The Insane Footage [VIDEO]

(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Def Jam)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Star rapper Desiigner was caught allegedly punching a fan at one of his recent concerts this week — and it was all caught on camera.

According to a report by TMZ, the fan was “heckling” Desiigner for being a knock-off version of another popular rapper, Future. It’s not clear what the fan was saying, but the two appear to be in a heated exchange of words in the middle of the concert when Desiigner appears to haul off and hit the heckler. (RELATED: STAR RAPPER MAY GO TO JAIL FOR YEARS AND REGISTER AS SEX OFFENDER)


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It took place in Denmark during Desiigner’s concert on Monday. No word on whether the fan was heckling in Danish or in English. (RELATED: Unsurprisingly, A Rapper Named Tekashi69 Got Into The World’s Most Pitiful Fistfight Today) 

You can watch the insane video below:

I like some of Desiigner’s music, but this is the most GARBAGE punch I have ever encountered. I actually want to stop listening to him now that I know he punches like this. His punch probably packs as much power as my drunk grandmother’s kiss on New Year’s Eve. Just a terrible display all around. Don’t throw a punch if you can’t actually take a guy out. Just embarrassing.

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