Hannity Says FBI Kavanaugh Investigation Is Over And There Is ‘No New Bombshell Information’

Mike Brest Reporter
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Fox News host Sean Hannity claimed on his show Wednesday night that, according to his sources, the FBI investigation is over and that there was no significant information that came to light.


“The sources are telling us tonight the FBI supplemental report on Judge Kavanaugh is now complete, it is done and my sources say the Senate is now in possession of copies and they will be looking at it tomorrow. My sources are also telling me tonight no new bombshell information in this report,” Hannity said.

He continued, “It just reiterates what we already know from the Senate Judiciary Committee investigation, and what they have already found. And now it’s time for senators to step up and do their job and vote. Enough with the delay tactics, enough with the smears and the slander.”

The FBI was reportedly planning on providing one singular copy of their report to all one hundred senators and it was supposed to be held in Senate Judiciary Committee safe, although it’s unclear whether that is still what is going to happen.

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