Kavanaugh’s Freshman Year Roommate Never Saw Him ‘Ever Behave Aggressively Toward Women’

Mike Brest Reporter
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Brett Kavanaugh’s college roommate said that he never saw Kavanaugh be physically aggressive toward women during an interview on CNN Wednesday night.

Despite the claim, Jamie Roche said earlier in the interview that he wholeheartedly believed Deborah Ramirez.  (RELATED: Kavanaugh’s College Roommate Breaks Silence On Deborah Ramirez Allegations)


“You say also that he, and I’m quoting you, ‘became aggressive and belligerent when he was very drunk.’ Do you have any specific examples? I’m not asking for dates but just anything you remember, how do you mean belligerent and aggressive?” Cooper asked.

Roche responded, “I want to provide a specific example and I really can’t and I should be honest about that. When I say belligerent, I mean belligerent in demeanor. Yelling loudly. People tell him to be quiet, tell him to shut up. I didn’t see him personally ever hit anybody or ever behave aggressively toward women. When I say aggressive, I’m speaking more in courage than in expression.”

“When I first heard about this, I did call friends that I knew that knew both of us and spent time with Brett, both freshman year and then after, and I did hear stories about times when he was physically violent,” he continued. “Destructive. Those are not on the record. They’re not my stories to tell, but they made me feel like my memories of Brett were accurate.”

The FBI reached out to Ramirez during their investigation into the allegations. (RELATED: FBI Officially Speaks With Kavanaugh Accuser Deborah Ramirez)

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