Kavanaugh’s College Roommate Breaks Silence On Deborah Ramirez Allegations

Mike Brest Reporter
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Brett Kavanaugh’s college roommate broke his silence — and said he wholeheartedly believes the allegations made against Kavanaugh levied by Deborah Ramirez — in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Wednesday night.


Kavanaugh’s former roommate Jamie Roche had previously tried to remain silent during the allegations.

“Mr. Roche, you say Judge Kavanaugh lied under oath when he testified before the Judiciary Committee last week. Can you explain how you know that he lied?” Cooper asked.

“I can. I wasn’t able to watch the testimony. I was in an airplane, but I read the testimony the next day and I was struck as I was reading it that, you know, I know Debby,” Roche answered.

“Debby Ramirez. And I know from my experience with her that at least from my perspective, there is zero chance that she’s making up this story and I heard Dr. Blasey Ford’s, or I read Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony, I heard some of it later,” he continued. “I believe she’s telling the truth. When Brett started saying things about his drinking and his use of certain words, sexually-oriented words. I knew he was lying because he was my roommate.”

Ramirez alleged that Kavanaugh exposed himself in front of her at a party. The FBI reached out to Ramirez during their investigation into the allegations. (RELATED: FBI Officially Speaks With Kavanaugh Accuser Deborah Ramirez)

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