Philly’s Mascot Is Now Being Dragged Into Politics. Here’s The Reason Why

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Philadelphia’s finest mascot was dragged into politics on Tuesday, and I will not stand for such madness.

The newest addition to the best sports town in America’s name is Gritty. He’s the face of the Philadelphia Flyers and is borderline blindingly handsome:

But ahead of Trump’s address at the National Electrical Contractors Association gathering in Philly, anti-Trump protestors made hateful signs and dragged Gritty’s fine name through the mud.


Is nothing holy anymore? Can we not have pure, unadulterated sports without an obligatory side of politics? Whatever happened to a good, clean mascot, free of controversy and outrage? Why does Gritty’s good name have to be sullied in a protest wrought with profanities and bad haircuts? I thought we could trust Philly with nice things?

I suppose, next, you’re all going to tell me that none of the Eagles would want to visit the White House. (RELATED: I’M AN EAGLES FAN AND I BELIEVE PRESIDENT TRUMP DID THE RIGHT THING)

This cannot go on much longer. I will not stand idly by as Gritty is hijacked by political operatives.

P.S. It’s important to note that, while Gritty’s name was used in the protest, he does not have a political affiliation, and I refuse to let him be a symbol of the resistance. They can have buttons, Madonna and pink knit hats. They cannot have Gritty.

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