Longtime Female Friend Of Brett Kavanaugh: ‘There Needs To Be Proof, And It Can’t Just Be Words’

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Longtime friend of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Julie Devol, appeared on “Fox & Friends” Thursday to defend the Supreme Court nominee and decried how he was condemned without tangible proof.

“I’ve known Brett for 38 years since 1980,” she said. “And I have a son. I have a daughter. And I just can’t believe that words could ruin somebody’s life — and there’s no proof and it’s devastating to me.” (RELATED: Rick Scott Explains Why The Kavanaugh Debacle Shows America Needs Term Limits)

Kavanaugh was accused by Christine Blasey Ford of pinning her down at a party and trying to take off her clothing over 35 years ago while the two were high schoolers. He has repeatedly denied the allegations and his Senate confirmation vote is expected to be held Friday morning.

Devol was also asked about Blasey Ford’s high school friend Leland Keyser, who could not back up the allegations of being present at such a party and commented on how Blasey Ford tried to depict her as someone with a mental illness.


“Leland is somebody who was friends with [Ford],” co-host Brian Kilmeade said. “Hasn’t seen her in years. Had 14 surgeries — physical surgeries, but was depicted by Dr. Ford as somebody with some type of mental or emotional illness at the hearing, right?”

“Right. I think it’s neck-related issues,” Devol replied. “I think she’s got a perfectly good memory.”

“You know, I have a daughter. I hope that she would be able to be taken seriously. But there needs to be proof, and it can’t just be words. It is devastating to everybody involved,” Devol said.

“And I’m sure Chrissie has — something must have happened to her, but you can’t ruin someone’s life unless have you proof. And I want my daughter to be taken seriously if something happens to her.”

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