Protester Confronts Sen. Manchin For Kavanaugh Vote — Even Though He Hasn’t Made Up His Mind

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Mike Brest Reporter
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A Kavanaugh protester confronted Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin Thursday afternoon in the Senate building and asked him why he planned on voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh despite the fact that Manchin hasn’t announced how he was planning on voting.

“Listen to me,” the protestor said to Manchin. “As a survivor, I don’t understand how you can’t look me in the eye. Why are you going to vote yes on [Kavanaugh]?”

Manchin responded, “How do you know how I’m gonna vote?”

“Can you tell me how you’re going to vote?” the protester responded.

“No, I’m not going to tell you,” Manchin added.

“How are you not listening to survivors?” the protester pleaded.

Manchin proceeded to then get on an elevator and leave the protester where she was.

He left Thursday before being able to finish reading the FBI’s supplemental investigation into Kavanaugh, according to Fox News’ Kelly Phares. She reported that GOP members “kicked” Manchin out and that he is planning to finish reading the report on Friday morning.

The West Virginian Democrat is considered to be one of the most likely senators to lose their bid for reelection. A Public Opinion Strategies poll released by JCN on Tuesday shows 58 percent of West Virginians want Kavanaugh to get confirmed. (RELATED: Manchin, Heitkamp Have A Lot To Lose By Opposing Kavanaugh, Polls Show)

Another Democratic senator facing an uphill battle in their reelection campaign is North Dakotan Senator Heidi Heitkamp. Earlier on Thursday, Heitkamp announced that she was planning to vote against Kavanaugh. (RELATED: Kavanaugh In Striking Distance As Collins, Flake Praise Thoroughness Of FBI Report)

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