Sarah Sanders Calls Democrats Wanting FBI Interview With Dr. Ford ‘Ludicrous’

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders had a blunt message for Democrats asking for extended time to investigate Kavanaugh’s past and make a vote: If Democrats don’t get what they want, “it’s their own mistake.”

When asked about the completion of the FBI report on Fox News, Sanders said, “Our position has been pretty consistent. We stand 100 percent with Brett Kavanaugh.” The hosts raised the concerns of Democrat leaders that Dr. Ford was not interviewed by the FBI.

Sanders said if Democrats wanted to question Ford, they should have asked her better questions during the special hearing last week.

“The whole world watched as Dr. Ford was interviewed for hours by the individuals that have to make the decision. That’s the senators themselves. They had ample opportunity to ask any question they wanted of Dr. Ford. If they didn’t get enough that was their own fault because they didn’t step up to the plate and ask the questions they needed answers to.”

Sanders said she believes that calls for Dr. Ford to be interviewed by the FBI are “ludicrous.”

“To think that the F.B.I. Needs to interview her again is ludicrous. They had an opportunity to do so. If they didn’t get to ask what they wanted it’s their own mistake,” Sanders said.

Sanders went on to say the process is a “sham” and Democrats “need to get out of the way”:

“Look, I think one of the biggest and most telling parts of this process is all of the Democrats that are coming out claiming that they want to see more — are Democrats that have already pledged and promised to vote no. They don’t actually want more information. It’s a total sham and they need to get out of the way and stop playing politics.”