VOTE: Which Politician Do You Think Drinks The Most Beer?

Beer (Credit: Shutterstock/Nitr)

Zoltán Szücs Contributor
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Beer seems to have become a central focus in American politics since last week since being facilitated by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s many references to drinking it with his friends during his recent Senate hearings.

The ascent of beer to the sphere of the most important topics is marked by the historic confession of President Trump: “I can honestly say I never had a beer in my life. OK? … Can you imagine if I had? I’d be the worst.”

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Even though President Trump abstains of beer, we are not going to judge our politicians who do not decide to resist its temptation; we certainly need them in our desperate times when per capita beer consumption is falling dramatically.

But who is going to save America from a further decrease in beer consumption? Which of our politicians need more than the national average of 73.4 liters a year to inspire their creative ideas to save the country?

We came up with nine potential candidates for you. Try our quiz to help us guess which politician will compensate for the president’s contribution of zero liters to the national consumption!