Liberals Beg For An FBI Investigation, And Then Are Unhappy With The Results

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Mike Brest Reporter
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The Democrats demanded an FBI investigation into the allegations levied by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick against Brett Kavanaugh and then called it a sham when they couldn’t find corroborating evidence.

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake made Democrats’ dream come true at the last minute. He forged an agreement with Senate Democrats for an FBI investigation as long as it lasted a maximum of one week.

The FBI talked to ten different people in relation to the allegations. They talked to the three people that Dr. Ford alleged were at the party where she was assaulted. They also interviewed two other men, friends of Kavanaugh, whose names were listed on a specific date many thought fit the description of the party Dr. Ford provided. One of their lawyers also talked to the FBI.

The other four people the FBI interviewed had to do with Ramirez’s claim. They talked to her, one of her lifelong friends, and two people she says witnessed the alleged incident.

The FBI’s weeklong investigation did not find any information that substantiated Ford’s or Ramirez’s claims. Despite that, both Democratic Senators and liberal commentators denounced the investigation as a “sham.”

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