Grassley: Democrats ‘Are Always Moving The Goal Posts’

Mike Brest Reporter
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Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley criticized the Democrats’ continued strategy of what he called “moving the goalposts” during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process in an interview on “Fox & Friends” Friday morning.


“The Democrats are lined up almost in unison outside Manchin and saying that this is a sham. Menendez uses an explicative saying it’s all B.S. Despite the thousand pages and the multiple interviews. Are you surprised that the people that demanded one week for an evaluation last week are saying it’s not enough this week?”  co-host Brian Kilmeade asked.

Grassley responded, “Not only that, but during our last hearing, they said we ought to be having the FBI look at one person — only one person. Ended up looking at about 12 people. But they need to look at this guy — his last name is Judge. They went way beyond that they aren’t satisfied. They are always moving the goalposts.”

The judiciary chairman is not the first Republican who has accused or predicted the Democrats would do this. On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “If you listen carefully, Mr. President, you can practically hear the sounds of the Democrats moving the goal post.” (RELATED: Mitch McConnell Warns About Democrats ‘Moving The Goal Post On Kavanaugh Investigation)

“I have been trying to have a fair and thorough and open hearing, and I think we have done exactly that to get everything out on the table. And I have been dealing with a demolition derby on the part of the Democrats where they have been out to do everything they can to defeat him,” Grassley continued.

The Senate is expected to hold a cloture vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination, which is a procedural vote to end deliberations and move towards a final vote, on Friday morning. (RELATED: Senate Republicans File For Cloture On Kavanaugh, First Step Towards Final Vote)

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