Karen Monahan’s Lawyer: There’s ‘Substantial Corroborative Evidence’ Despite The Report

(Fox News 10/5/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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The lawyer representing Karen Monahan, the ex-girlfriend of Congressman Keith Ellison who is accusing him of domestic violence, said there is substantial evidence to support her allegations in an interview with Tucker Carlson on Friday night.


“The investigator who was hired by the Minnesota Democratic Party after the Democratic National Committee kicked this issue investigating its deputy chair down to the state party for some reason. The state party decided to hire an excellent law firm — but the one law firm that represents the Democrats in the state of Minnesota — to investigate one of its own,” Andrew Parker said.

“And so what happened was, an investigative report is issued with substantial corroborate evidence, no doubt about it, that I can go through, but yet a conclusion of unsubstantiated,” he continued.

When asked why he thinks the Democrats aren’t taking the allegations seriously, Parker responded, “Well in addition to the corroborative evidence, there were four witnesses identified that corroborated the story that Karen Monahan told them, that they completely believed her and she told it to them shortly after the incident occurred.”

Monahan’s refusal to produce a video she claimed proved Ellison’s alleged abuse led Minnesota attorney Susan Ellingstad “to conclude that the allegation is unsubstantiated.” (RELATED: Minnesota Democrats’ Keith Ellison Investigation Concludes Abuse Allegations ‘Unsubstantiated’: Report)

However, when Carlson asked Parker about why she wouldn’t hand over the tape, he said, “It revictimizes her. She refuses to be bullied into being revictimized. It’s a very hurtful video for her to show to anyone.”

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